In The Beginning.

Wayne - Wales
Esther FR - France
Baz - Italy
Tina -USA
Mister G.C. - Germany

Back in July 2015, we, a group of 5 enthusiastic street photographers who met online, got together and formed a collaboration group on the photography platform Flickr.

The main aim of the group is to provide a place for all our members to meet and interact with like minded photographers from around the World and share our photos and experiences from our times in the streets. At the same time we hope that the interaction within the group will offer up some inspiration in the form of new ideas, styles and techniques…etc, to help develop the street photography skills of everyone involved.

Every so often we invite a fellow member of the Flickr community, who is actively shooting street photography and who’s images have caught our eye, to join our Flickr group called ‘Five Fall into Adventure’. The name of our group is based on the Enid Blyton Famous Five book of the same name, which we thought was relevant to the five of us and the start of the new adventure with our Flickr street photography group.

Not long after our group started, a feature called ‘The Monthly Challenge’ was introduced. This challenge is designed to inspire all members of the group to hit the streets and capture images covering the list of 5 subjects/themes set for that particular month. You can find out more about The Monthly Challenge and other features that we have set up, over on our ‘Challenges & Features’ page.

Things are looking good.


- 2015 Website Created -

With our Flickr group growing and The Monthly Challenge feature becoming a great success, it was decided that we needed to create another outlet in order to showcase the fine work that the group members were putting into the challenges and also a place where we could expand our ideas. That was when our group website and blog ‘Fall Into Street’ was born.

Moving up a gear.

- 2017 Website Re-designed -

2 years later and our Flickr group has steadily grown in numbers, as too has the number of challenges & features. We have added an Open Monthly Challenge for all non-group members to participate in and to coincide with the new look website, we now have a community forum centered around the topic of street & urban photography which is open to anyone who wishes to register and join in the discussions.

Our Sad Loss

In November 2016, Wayne (Just Ard), who’s idea it was to start up the Flickr group in the first place, sadly passed away following an illness. He was also the main man behind the setting up, the funding and the running of our group’s website/blog ‘Fall into Street’. The very sad loss of our dear friend has led to the creation of this, our new group website. Although the domain name has changed, the actual name of website & blog still remains the same in order to continue and remember all the hard work, effort & dedication that Wayne put into the group.

He was an inspiration to many, a great friend & a very talented street photographer….he will be missed.

You can view his work on Flickr and also on his own Blog.

A Tribute to Wayne (Just Ard) – See the images and read the thoughts that our group members contributed to the blog post, remembering our friend one year on.

Image courtesy of Martin Forde (4D photo images) © All rights reserved.