August Monthly Challenge 2015


    The 5FIA Monthly Challenge is a set of 5 categories which is run and administered through our 5 Fall Into Adventure group over on Flickr.
    It is designed to get encourage and inspire our members to get out, capture and post an image in each of the categories.
    At the end of each monthly challenge, the group members give a ‘5FIA Monthly Challenge Award’ to their favorite image in each of the 5 categories. Any member who’s image receives an award earns the right to submit their image to the 5FIA Monthly Challenge gallery.

    In this post you will see the top placed image/s which received the most awards in their respective category. You can view these and all the other images that received an award during all of our monthly challenges in our online gallery

    The Challenges for August were

    1. Eating
    2. Four,
    3. Into The Light
    4. Laughter
    5. The Cinema



    Top placed image was Heaven – Just Ard 



    Top placed image was 4 tents and a kid – Esther FR

    Into The Light


    Top placed image was  “C’mon baby….party” – Mister G.C.




    Joint top placed image was Something is Funny – Just Ard


    Joint top placed image was Laughter – Tina Leggio


    The Cinema


    Top placed image was Quel film? – Esther FR

    A big congratulations to Esther who earned the most awards for August and earned the right to hang three of her images in the gallery this month.
    Well done to Wayne & Esther who both achieved 2 top placed images in this months challenge.
    Many thanks to all who took part in the monthly challenge by submitting images and also awarding their favorite shots.


    1. Tina | | Reply

      Congrats to everyone. The competition was tough and there were some especially good pictures in this challenge.

    2. Mister G.C. | | Reply

      Excellent stuff!

      The first monthly challenge went without a hitch and it certainly got me looking for the shots instead of the shots finding me.

      I just love it when I’m out there looking for the shots and thinking that maybe at that moment in time another member of our group somewhere else in the World is doing the exact same thing.

      A big well done to everyone who submitted & awarded images. Can’t wait for the next round.

    3. Esther | | Reply

      This first challenge was an opportunity to boost our inspiration and try to give the best of ourselves, it was very exciting to participate.
      Congratulations to all, great pictures this month, and I hope we will do even better for the next challenges.

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