Challenges & Features.

Within our Flickr group and website we run a couple of street & urban orientated photography challenges & features. Below you will find a quick description of those challenges & features each with links to related posts & pages. 

Our challenges & features are split into two categories. The first one being for our Flickr Group Members only and the second category is open for any non-member of our group from anywhere, with any camera.

Below are the current challenges & features at the time of publishing, which we hope to add to in the future as and when new ones are set up.



The Group Monthly Challenge.

Each month in our Flickr group we publish 5 subjects for our group members to look for when out and about shooting street. Our members can enter one image per subject taken in that specific month. When the Monthly Challenge is over the group members then award one image in each subject which they thought was the best. Any image that receives an award is then eligible to be posted in our Flickr Gallery dedicated to those Monthly Challenges images. You can view all the top placed images from all the monthly challenges on our blog, or have a browse through all the submitted images & subjects in our Flickr Group Monthly Challenge archives.


My Favourite Shot of the Month.

In this monthly based feature we ask all our group members to submit their own personal favourite image that they took during the previous month. We also ask them to write a short or long explanation as to why that shot was their favourite one. It's great to learn the reasons behind the photographer's choice of image because most of the time the reasons are not always that obvious to the person viewing the image. As an incentive to take part in this feature, all the images submitted are published in our blog, and also presented on our website home page as a showcase slide show to promote their work.

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The Open Monthly Challenge.

As the name suggests, this monthly challenge is open to anyone, anywhere, with any camera. Each month we set out 3 subjects for any street & urban photographer from around the World who would like to take part. All images that are submitted, considering they have covered the subject in question and are of a street/urban nature, are then published in a post on our blog for all to see. If you would like to take part or find out more about The Open Monthly Challenge then check out the info page by clicking on the button below.

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PHOTINGO Street Photography Challenge.

'Street Photography meets Bingo'....This is our 3 month long street photography challenge which is held annually and is open to any member of the Flickr community. In this challenge each photographer has to try and capture 30 images covering 30 different subjects with the 3 month period to fill their own personal bingo style card. The challenge is run on our PHOTINGO Flickr Group & Website. The PHOTINGO Flickr Group is where all of the participant's images are submitted. Our website is where the images are placed on the cards and gallery. To find out all you need to know about PHOTINGO have a look through The Complete Guide.