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    During the first couple of weeks in December I never really managed to get the chance to go out for a shooting session and I was running low on images. So in order to keep up my ‘addiction’, ooops I mean my steady flow of submissions to Flickr, I found myself looking through some folders from a couple of months before, to see if there were any images that I had forgotten about.
    It was during these searches that I noticed I was finding a couple of images here and there that when taken back then, didn’t really appeal to me for one reason or another, but now they did!

    Why?…..did I just simply have too many shots from a certain month and forgot about some of the images? Did I forget to import them into Lightroom 5 for processing? or had my opinions of what made a good street image, worth uploading to Flickr, changed over a period of time?

    The first two reasons sound about right, especially when I managed to get out for a few days shooting street during the month. I may have lost track or I just had better looking images that I couldn’t wait to upload to Flickr, which meant some shots got left behind. As for the last of the above questions, “had my taste in street photography changed?”…..yes, it probably had, so I decided to put it to the test, headed to the depths of my hard drive and opened up my 2014 Photography folder.

    I did of course find a few forgotten shots that I would have put online straight away back in 2014, but I also came across some images that surprised me now by how much my views have changed when it comes to what I think is a good street image worthy of sharing.

    So without further ado, here’s a selection of some street shots that I took back in 2014 and the reasons why they are only now, at the end of 2015, seeing the light of day .


    This was one of those images that I forgot all about. It shows a group of onlookers at an open day in Rethem showing their appreciation for the trio of Scottish pipes and drums musicians that were playing that day….and yes, even though there were only three of them, they were loud!


    The two girls sharing the umbrella at the fair in Schwarmstedt was an image that back then in 2014 I didn’t think fit to upload due to the picture quality. My views on the quality of a street shot like this has since taken second place to the actual content of the shot. Although the image quality is not great I like the message of ‘sharing’ that is showing in the shot. Not only the two girls, but also the couple in the background. Umbrellas bring people together.


    Up until the day this shot was taken, I had only visited small towns to shoot my street photography, however on my first trip to Hannover I was overwhelmed by the amount of people and needless to say I came home with so many shots that this image was just one of those that unfortunately fell by the way side due to the sheer number of photographs I took that day.


    Again another street shot from the same day that I somehow missed, of a girl looking very happy with herself for some reason or another, emerging from the underground shopping precinct in Hannover town center with her coffee to go.

    nibbles-1500The two ladies in their customary headdress at the fair was what caught my attention. As in the umbrella shot, the quality of the shot (being slightly out of focus) back then was what stopped me from uploading this. It shows that people can have a good time together no matter what cultural background they come from, which in the reflection of recent times is more important than ever.


    Now I come to a totally different reason as to why this image, of a traditional blacksmith from years gone by, didn’t make it online until now. In 2014 I viewed a shot like this as a ‘touristy snap shot’ purely for the fact that the guy in the shot expects people to take photographs of him and to me that wasn’t street photography. Now I’m looking at it as a street shot, but not in a sneaky, candid way like most of my street photography, but in a kind of journalistic street shot showing people visiting a public event and also the old traditional blacksmith and his tools.


    This was a shot of two people enjoying an afternoon in the sun whilst selling their goods at a car boot sale that I missed somewhere along the line. I was going to say two women but I’m still having my doubts about the person in the boot. The sunglasses, hairstyle and nail varnish all point to them being female but when I look at the muscular forearm, I’m not too sure.


    Ah!….the elderly man with his flat cap and walking stick looking very relaxed and enjoying life at a small market. Why didn’t I upload this one back in May 2014?….well back then I didn’t like the way the blurry background had turned out. Little things like that don’t bother me that much now, just so long as it doesn’t interfere with the main subject of the shot. So thanks to my change of views in what I now see as a photo worth sharing, maybe this could be, as all street shots could be, ‘A Shot for the Future‘.


    Last, but certainly not least, is this general, quick snap shot of Hamilton town center that I took when visiting my parents in April 2014. I found it in a folder containing ‘family shots’ that I had started to edit but I obviously got side tracked and forgot about them. What makes this shot such a special find is that the man on the right of the shot is my dad, who sadly passed away in June of this year. We did enjoy going through the charity shops down this road to see what bargains we could find :0) Nice memories.

    A few more of my other 2014 images that I uncovered will, in due course, be finding their way onto my photostream over on Flickr.

    Thanks for reading and why not have a look through some of your own past work and maybe you too, will find a few hidden gems that you’ve forgotten about or that you now see in a different light than when the shot was taken.






    1. Esther | | Reply

      Thank you Grant for sharing these pictures. You found some gems here. An excellent article, and I like how you say your opinion about these shots has changed. All these pictures show life in the streets, the common point is that they are moments of joy, pleasure, and/or emotion.
      I like all of them but my favorite is “here in my car”: I don’t know either if it is a woman (I woud say yes, my grandmother had muscular arms like this !) but I really love the scene : they share a good moment, every little detail is there, like the bottle of wine, the mud on the car… and your black and white is excellent.
      Quant à la dernière, elle m’a cueilli, et m’a presque fait pleurer. La rue est belle, avec ses pavés. L’homme sur la droite regarde le jeune homme passer, comme si c’était son fils ou sa jeunesse… et puis tu nous dis qu’il s’agit de ton père. J’en suis très émue, et je ne peux pas l’exprimer en anglais.
      Thank you again Grant.

      • Mister G.C. | | Reply

        Hi Esther,
        I’m glad you enjoyed my post and thank you very much for your kind comments and especially your comment in French…..now you’ve got me going :0)
        Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    2. Just Ard | | Reply

      What a great selection of shots Grant. It’s amazing what gets left on the cutting room floor.

      I agree there are a few reasons why they don’t get published, and I think you have hot on the major one, in that we post images, then go on another shoot and the new ones gives us a buzz so the previous shots from the earlier shoot are forgotten.

      I have watched your style change. That happens to all of us and it is great to watch, and that affects all of us as we watch and so look at our own work. I know yours has influenced mine.

      I also enjoyed reading the post and you have done it again, as you did with your Granddad in your previous post. You showed us a shot of people in Hamilton, and then tell us the man on the right is your Dad. I can see why Esther had to type the last part of her post in French.

      An excellent post once again G.C.

      • Mister G.C. | | Reply

        I do like the ‘cutting room floor’ description of shots that get left behind….wish I’d thought of that :0)

        You mentioned being influenced by others we watch and how true that is. One example of that is Esther’s shot of the little girl looking in the shop window. That image is what influenced me to upload a few recent street shots in colour, trying to get that soft warm brown look. One of the great things about street photography I love is, there are absolutely no limits or end game to what or how we can photograph people, objects or scenes on the street and watching others just helps broaden our imagination.
        Just got to be careful though. There is a fine line between being influenced and copying other peoples styles.

        Thanks Wayne for your kind and encouraging comments on my post.

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