My Favourite Shot in March 2017

    This is where members showcase the shot they feel is their favourite of their previous months shooting.

    There are many reasons why a shot might be a personal favourite, and quite often is not known to the viewer as it may be for personal reasons. Each Photographer has given their own reasons as to why the image they have chosen is their favourite of the month, along with the camera settings and location.

    Smokin’ by Draopsnai

    Panasonic DMC-TZ60 – ƒ/5.7 – 50.5 mm – 1/80 – ISO 400 – London, UK

    When I first saw this couple across the street they were unaware of me and it was just a shot of them smoking. I was shooting in between one way moving traffic, the first shot had the tail end of a car in, the second shot she had become aware of me then I had to wait for a couple of buses to pass and when they had she had turned fully in my direction and given me a great pose…I still waited a few seconds with the camera aiming straight at them til she took a smoke from her cigarette then snap.
    I gave her my most winning smile and vanished down a side street.

    Rough night’s kip by Phil Anker

    Fujifilm X70 – ƒ/4.0 – 18.5 mm – 1/60 – ISO 3200 – London Underground, UK

    On my last trip to London I thought I would try a few shots on the tube with my new Fuji camera.
    This was a pure luck right time and right place shot. The headline on the newspaper fitted perfectly with the appearance of the guy sat next to the reader. The next page of the paper when turned also provided a good headline.
    My favourite shot of the month because of the wonderful juxtaposition.

    Corner Shot by Mister G.C.

    Ricoh GR – 18.3 mm f/2.8 – ƒ/11.0 – 18.3 mm – 1/640 – ISO 500 – Celle, Germany

    There are a couple of reasons why this shot is my fave from March. First one being is the eye contact. I saw the woman approaching the corner through the store window where I was standing so I applied the ambush method and as she rounded the corner I hit the button and I got the eye contact. The other reason was the light and the shadows that I managed to get in the shot. These were totally unintentional as it was only a matter of seconds between me seeing the woman and taking the shot, but it was a nice surprise to see the outcome when viewing the shot on my PC.

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    Phil Anker

    Mister G.C.

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