My Favourite Street Photograph from December 2017



    In this monthly post we ask our members to submit their favourite street photograph that they shot during the previous month. As well as submitting their image, they also let the viewers know as to why it was their particular favourite by including the reason(s) behind their choice. In addition to publishing the images in our blog, we also promote our member’s Favourite Street Photograph of the Month on our homepage slideshow.

    Walking the light fantastic by Phil Anker

    Pentax K-70 - Sigma 85mm F1.4 EX DG HSM - ƒ/1.6 - 85.0 mm - 1/125 - ISO 3200 - Salisbury, UK

    An easy choice this month. I was out taking photographs at night and walking across the market square. It had been raining and the reflections of the Christmas lights in the trees behind me on the wet cobbles caught my eye. It was just a case of waiting for somebody to walk through and complete the frame.

    Wash & Set sir? by sasastro

    Pentax K-5 IIs - ƒ/5.6 - 50 mm - 1/100 - ISO 800 - Suffolk, UK.

    Walking along one of our local streets I happened to spot this guy in the window of a local coffee shop, I immediately noticed that the positioning of the lamp made it look as if the guy was under an old fashioned hair dryer.
    Camera came out of my bag and the shot was taken. When I got home I noticed the coffee shop’s trademark dressed dog pictures on the wall in the background. I thought these added to the oddity of the photo. For all these reasons this is one of my favourite shots taken in December.

    The Crossing by Draopsnai

    Panasonic DMC-TZ60 - ƒ/3.4 - 4.7 mm - 1/640 - ISO 200 - London, UK.

    I like this for several reasons, firstly I like long shadows but secondly because this shot is enhanced by a unintentional trick. Each figure crossing the road and their shadow has been duplicated a split second apart. I’m not sure how I managed that but really like the result.

    Taking notes by Mister G.C.

    Sony ILCE-6000 - E PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS - ƒ/4.0 - 105.0 mm - 1/125 - ISO 800 - Berlin, Germany.

    December was a very quiet month for me due to the fact that my street photography mojo juices were and are, unfortunaltey, still running low. However I did manage to grab a few shots on a weekend trip to Berlin at the begining of the month with this one being my favourite.
    This is what I aim to capture when out in the streets…..the unusal, the quirky, the shot that we don’t see every day. I’m glad I had my recently new set up of the A6000 with the 105mm lens in my hand or I would have totally missed this one if I only had my Ricoh GR to hand.
    I really like the compression and the dof that the lens produced, which with the selective focus effect, leaves no doubt as to what I was trying to capture.
    Another factor about the shot which intrigued me is why does he have such an unusal scarf?…is he a musician, is he a music fan?…if so what music does he play or like? He could even be a music teacher. All those questions as to why, we will never know.

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