My Favourite Street Photograph from November 2017



    In this monthly post we ask our members to submit their favourite street photograph that they shot during the previous month. As well as submitting their image, they also let the viewers know as to why it was their particular favourite by including the reason(s) behind their choice. In addition to publishing the images in our blog, we also promote our member’s Favourite Street Photograph of the Month on our homepage slideshow.

    Just your everyday shopping trip by sasastro

    Pentax K-5 IIs - ƒ/4.5 - 31.0 mm - 1/250 - ISO 800 - Bury St Edmunds, UK.

    It’s not often you get to see a Dalek being walked along a busy shopping street with hardly a passer by taking any notice. For that reason alone this has to be my favourite shot of the month.

    It nearly didn’t happen because I was pushing my grandson along in his pushchair at the time with the camera being tucked in my camera bag, it took a bit of quick action to stick foot in front of pushchair wheel to stop it rolling whip camera out of the bag and take the shot before they moved on past me. It was worth that effort though.

    High by Phil Anker

    Fujifilm X70 - ƒ/4.5 - 18.5 mm - 1/250- ISO200 - Germany

    I was visiting Germany for a long weekend and sat at a street cafe. I saw the guy leaning against the lamp post and thought he was an interesting subject to photograph. I could not isolate him as there was so much going on around him, so I went with the shot as it was.
    As I was taking it a woman walked through from the right which created a balance. The people in the background were having a guided tour and happened to be looking up at the Cathedral.
    I like this shot because there is so much going on, but the guy on the lamp post seems to me to be disconnected from it all.

    Do your thing by Draopsnai

    Panasonic DMC-TZ60 - ƒ/3.3 - 4.3 mm - 1/80 - ISO 1600 - London, UK.

    This is my fave of the month because it worked well, and while taking it I was told off by a member of staff for crouching down on the floor near the edge of the platform, I was also photographed by someone on their phone and got chatting afterwards to another man who insisted on showing me some pics of tube stations he’d taken. Usually I just like to be invisible and point and shoot but this shot turned into a whole event.

    She knows you know by Mister G.C.

    Sony ILCE-6000 - E PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS - ƒ/4.0 - 99.0 mm - 1/250 - ISO 200 -Hannover, Germany

    Well at last I managed to get out with my new Sony 18-105mm lens on my Sony A6000 and put it to the test in the streets of Hannover.
    It was such a big change for me to use a zoom lens seeing as I mainly shoot with my 18.3mm fixed lens Ricoh GR.
    I took a few warm up shots with the GR to get into the swing of things before putting it away and getting the ‘biggie’ out.
    I was very apprehensive to say the least about putting the camera to my eye….normally I shoot from the hip/chest with my GR, but I actually settled in quite quickly.
    The lens itself is not as big as I had imagined it would be. It sits nicely in my hand which covers most of it and it doesn’t extend when zooming so it is rather inconspicuous as far as zoom lenses go.
    I’ll have to get back to basics again where focus settings are concerned, as the A6000 doesn’t have the Ricoh GR ‘Snap Focus’ option. Saying that, I did manage to get a few keepers using my new set up.
    This one is was my fave from the day and also from the month as I never even noticed the smile and eye contact until I got home. I thought I had missed her as she was taking a drink from her bottle.

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