My Favourite Shot in December 2015

    Starting the year, we are adding a new feature, where members showcase the shot they feel is their favourite of their previous months shooting.

    There are many reasons why a shot might be a personal favourite, and quite often is not known to the viewer, as it may be for one or many reasons known only to the photographer.


    The party is over – Mister G.C. – December 20th, 2015 – Germany

    The most obvious reason that I chose this as my favourite shot taken in December was because it was my most successful street shot to date.
    I had more faves, comments and new followers on Flickr than I had ever expected due to it being ‘Explored’.

    The more ‘not so obvious’ reason that it would have been my favourite shot, even if it wasn’t explored, was that in the end my perseverance paid off.

    It took me about five or six attempts to get it right and when I mean right, I mean I got it looking just the way I had imagined it in my head when I first thought about the bottle, the background and composition.

    I had tried to hold my camera when taking the shot but due to the low light I wasn’t getting a fast enough shutter speed to eliminate camera shake. In the end I just placed the camera on the ground which in turn created an even lower point of view. The people in the background couldn’t have been placed any better, in my opinion, as the final image was captured.

    A really satisfying, planned shot & getting explored was just the icing on the cake.


    Sun for senior – Esther FR – December 26th, 2015 – Royan, France

    Olympus E-M5 – 12-50 lens – 50mm – 1/160 – f/6,3 – ISO 200. Metering Mode : Center-weighted average. Ratio – 3:2

    December has not been a great month for pictures. The days are short, the sun goes down early, work and Christmas arrangements keep you busy.

    I went to the beach walking path around 4 PM, looking for a subject for the theme “leading lines” for the monthly challenge. The shadows were long and I wanted to take advantage of the oblique light of the late afternoon.

    I walked as always, quite slowly, the camera in my right hand, trying to keep an eye for interesting people. I saw the old man on the bench, in this beautiful light.

    He was lost in his thoughts, but when I stopped, looking to my screen to get the shot, he glanced at me. I didn’t use the viewfinder on purpose to not disturb him and I’m not sure he realised what I was doing.

    I hoped the picture would be clear enough, as it was a quick shot, and I was pretty satisfied when I saw it on the computer. I had to crop it a little bit, to place his face on the left, as his body was turned to the right. I slightly darkened the background.

    I would like his hands are not being cut, but I was not watchful enough when I took the shot. It’s often a mistake that I do, as I am generally focused on the face. I think the shadow on his shoulder is mine. It could have been annoying if it was on his face, but here ? It’s like if I was part of the picture…, though it is important to pay attention to your own shadow when you take a picture with the sun behind you…

    The sun warms up his face and I like the brightness of his eyes, in spite of his old age.


    Outdoor Lounge – Tina Leggio December 5th, 2015. NYC, USA.

    I really like this shot because it was taken in almost complete darkness.

    I was using the 35mm f/2 lens which I had heard was supposed to be great in low light. I had just come back from photographing window displays when I saw these people sitting at an outdoor lounge. I figured there was no better time to test out the lens in low light than that moment and I also figured that the dark would allow me to get up close without really being noticed like I would in the day time.


    Something Off Camera

    Something Off Camera – Just Ard December 23rd, 2015 – Cardiff, Wales.

    Nikon D750 – Nikon 85mm 1.8G Lens – f2.8 – 1/160 Sec – ISO 160

    The reason for this being my favourite shot is the finished result. When I go out with my camera, this is what I am looking for. Great focus with total separation from the background. The isolation of the subject, and it worked here.

    I was walking to get a coffee when this girl and a guy came along. He was looking straight ahead, but her attention was really drawn along a side street. I got about 4 shots, but due to the angle, the guy was in them or partially in them. Except for this one, where I did a small crop to the left to remove his elbow, a crop to the top and bottom to give the letterbox effect that I prefer. I then converted it to B&W, adjusted the contrast slightly, and a little darkening of the blacks.

    As I was shooting at f2.8 the background was naturally blurred and I was grateful there were no other people crossing at the time. All in all a shot I am very pleased with.





    1. Mister G.C. | | Reply

      Hey cool. This team effort worked very worked well so I hope others will be encouraged to contribute for January’s post.

      Esther – Fantastic shot and when I think you didn’t look through the view finder, well that makes it even more of a cool capture.

      Tina – Great to see you trying out new areas of photography and also seeing what your equipment can do for you. It is all about getting out there and trying. If it doesn’t work then try again….however your night here shot came out a treat. I do like night photography for many reasons, one of them being the same reason you mentioned.

      Wayne – I don’t think I need to say anything. Your shot just speaks for itself. This one has taken top place in my view, beating the waitress and the girl cadet into 2nd & 3rd place respectively.

      Thanks for taking the time to put this post together.

    2. Just Ard | | Reply

      I think it is a great start and look forward to a lot more shots for January. I have one already.

      Grant, that is one of your best Low POV shots that you get so well, even though you’re getting on and it’s not good for your knees. It’s not often that one of your best gets to Explore but it did with this one, so I can see why it was your favourite.

      Esther, December can be a good or bad month depending on where you are shooting. At the beach not so good. I’m pleased you didn’t use the viewfinder, but used the screen as it makes the POV lower so you are on his eye line. A challenge for you was that light as it can be so severe, but you handled it.

      Tina, great shot from a new lens. I haven’t really shot many night shots, because as Baz would explain I’m tucked up in bed as soon as it is dark due to my age. I really appreciate shots in the dark because it is not easy.

      Looking forward to 2016.

    3. Esther | | Reply

      This is a great topic, and I also hope it will be a place to see the favorite picture of everyone here in the next months.

      Grant : I know you are proud to be on explore, especially for this shot. But even if you had only one fave, this picture would have been my favorite one of all yours. The POV is excellent of course, and I like how you took advantage of the low light : because you didn’t have a tripod, you had to put the camera on the ground and that is why this shot is so good. You waited for the right moment with the two people in the background. A great shot.

      Wayne : well, this is your style in the best way, so well isolated. The “movie” format is well chosen.

      Tina : You did a great job with this new lens, using a large aperture, and catching a moment between friends, almost in the dark. I wish I could do that.
      Your picture and Grant’s one makes me want to go more often into the streets at night

      The story behind each shot is very interesting to read. Can’t wait to see january’s pictures !!

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