My Favourite Shot in January 2016

    This is where members showcase the shot they feel is their favourite of their previous months shooting.

    There are many reasons why a shot might be a personal favourite, and quite often is not known to the viewer as it may be for personal reasons.


    © Tina Leggio, Union Square, NYC, January 10, 2016
    Canon 5D Mark III – Canon EF85mm f1.8 – f1.8 – 1/1600 sec – ISO 100

    “I absolutely love this shot because it’s what street photography should be. A person going about their day and not acting for the camera. It was a beautiful day outside and there were street performers everywhere. There was a man playing the bagpipes and after a while this man and his lady friend decided to do their own version of step dancing. They just looked so happy and like they were really enjoying the day and each other’s company.”


     Cadre à rayures – Esther FR – January 24th, 2016 – Royan, France
    Olympus EM5 – Olympus 40-150mm f4.0-f5.6 – f5.6 – 1/800 sec – ISO 200

    “I went out to take a picture on the theme “framed”, and I was lucky with the beautiful light of late afternoon. I was attracted by the strained sails of the pergola along the harbour, with shadows and interesting textures. I stayed there for a while to see people crossing by and I waited for a silhouette walking between two sails. I first tried to focus on the silhouette, then I focused on the sails, to get the texture. I’ve got different pictures from this place, so I had to choose the best one on my computer. I didn’t have to crop the image, as I had enough time to compose it correctly. I edited it in black and white, to make it more graphical, and I just added some contrast.”



     Brit Pop In Berlin – Mister G.C. – January 2nd, 2016 – Berlin. Germany

    Sony A6000 – Sony 20mm f2.8 – f5.6 – 1/320 sec – ISO 500

    While on my 3 day visit to Berlin I was standing at a set of traffic lights waiting for the green man, I spotted this girl also waiting to cross. It was her ‘Union Jack Flag’ bag that caught my eye at first and then I noticed how kind of cool and laid back she looked as she listened to some music. Her parker, her baseball boots and her headphones just somehow all came together and I knew I just had to get a shot of her.

    I positioned myself a bit closer to her before crossing and when the green man came on it was time to go for it. I got level with her and I took a few shots using the A6000’s fantastic continuos mode of her crossing the junction. But even before I took the first shot I had visions of a typical sort of ‘1980’s album cover’ style shot in my minds eye and I got exactly what I was after. I could just imagine some band’s name in front of her like ‘The Who’ or ‘The Jam’, fitting nicely with her Mod like style clothing.

    Out of all the shots I liked this one the best because I captured her walk. A nice full stride with distance between her feet was what I was after. The only thing that bugged me was the mini van in the background. I had hoped to get the long street in the background but the van got in the way, but I suppose that’s street photography for you.”



    Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd – 4d Photo Images – January 16th, 2016 – Cardiff, Wales.
    Nikon D700 – Nikon 85mm f1.8D – f2.8 – 1/320 sec – ISO 200

    “The reason for this being my favourite shot is that as soon as I pressed the shutter I new the title for the shot. This is unusual for me as I often struggle with titles. I was quite excited.”



    Hat and Scarf – Nikonsnapper – January 23rd, 2016 – Cardiff, Wales.

    Olympus EM1 – Olympus 45mm f1.8 – f2.5 1/200 sec – ISO 200

    “Martin, Wayne and I were out in Cardiff on the 23rd Jan, just wandering around.This was one of a group of shots made at the weekly Cardiff outdoor market. I was pleased with it because it was a candid shot although she knew Martin and I were taking pictures of her and her friend. I saw the two of them and asked one if I could do a couple of street portraits. This shot of the other girl was in a different class. I liked the distinctive way the two girls were dressed. The girl in the picture was a natural beauty.”


    What's he doing?

    What’s he doing? – Just Ard – January 5th, 2016 – Cardiff, Wales.

    Nikon D750 – Nikon 85mm f1.8G – f2.5 – 1/250 sec – ISO 100

    “Each time I look at this shot I smile. What is the interaction between the man and girl? What is he doing? Will she react? There is a whole story in the one shot.

    It gives the viewer a scenario. What they believe is happening is whatever their mind wants to believe. Although I know exactly what is happening, it makes me smile when I think what other people viewing it would think.

    However, I did get another couple of shots either side of this one, a before and after. I felt the story was so strong that I made a blog post about it. If you want to know what the real story is, and not just what you think it is, check out the post.”



    1. Just Ard | | Reply

      Once again I am surprised by what people choose as their favourite shot. There is not one shot here that I would have chosen as my favourite shot of theirs. Except mine that is, and I expect everyone would disagree with me. It is great to find out the background and reasoning why a shot is the photographers favourite.

      A great set of different shots. Every one shot with a different camera. I think this shows that there is no “Street Photography” camera. You got a camera you can shoot “Street”. It’s nice to see a couple more images this month.

    2. Tina | | Reply

      I really enjoyed seeing these pictures again. I think that with Photingo going on these next few months we will have more pictures to choose from since we’ll be focusing on filling our cards so we’ll get all those extra shots. Then it should really get interesting on which pics we choose as our favorites.

    3. Esther | | Reply

      I’m glad to see more pictures here for this second post in the category “my favorite shot”. I’m also surprised by the choice of the pictures, but it is what make this post interesting, especially when the photographer explains why he chose it.
      Choosing a picture is always difficult, one of mine here, but also a shot of the other photographers for the Monthly Challenge.
      With the PHOTINGO and 30 subjects, choosing will be another challenge !

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