My Favourite Shot in June 2016

    This is where members showcase the shot they feel is their favourite of their previous months shooting.

    There are many reasons why a shot might be a personal favourite, and quite often is not known to the viewer as it may be for personal reasons. Each Photographer has given their own reasons why their shot is their favourite.


    The finishing touch – Mister G.C. – Germany.

    The finishing touch – Mister G.C. – Germany.Ricoh GR – f/7.1 – 18.3mm – 1/160 sec – ISO 400

    This has to be my favourite of the month because it was one of those far and few between times where everything just falls into place. What are the chances of a lady wearing a striped dress and carrying a striped bag, looking at a striped jacket in a shop window and me being there on a spur of the moment first day out testing my newly acquired Ricoh GR camera? ….a million to one? I don’t know, but it’s times like this that put a big smile on my face, knowing that I caught a moment which I will probably never get the chance to photograph again.

    I see so many zebra crossing shots on Flickr, that every time I spot someone wearing stripes I immediately look around to see if I can find something to match them against in a shot. This is why I saw this shot emerging as she walked along. I only had a few seconds to get it and that is why, combined with the fact that it was my first day out with the Ricoh, it wasn’t totally in focus…..but still my fave of the month :0)


    Just another rainy day … – Tomavim – Prague, Czech Republic.Canon PowerShot G7 X – f/7.1 – 14.2mm – 1/500 sec – ISO 125

    “I´ll go out to the streets with my camera, come rain or shine” that´s what I said to myself the other day when leaving my office in the late afternoon. It was the beginning of June but the weather was unpredictable and whimsical like in April. I went to my favourite place in the Prague downtown close to the river. It was rainy but the sky was not too grey. The sunlight striking the raindrops was really enjoyable. After a while I spotted a girl with an orange umbrella and I knew with certainty that that´s the view I wanted to catch with my camera the afternoon of that day.



    Decisions decisions… – Draopsnai – London, England.Panasonic DMC TZ-60 – f/4.1 – 9mm – 1/250 sec – ISO 160

    This is my favourite shot of the month simply because I like it.

    I was looking for a hair shot for Photingo and this woman seemed perfect. When I first saw her she was leaning forwards looking at the glasses and was reflected in a few of them, I took a few steps closer to take the shot and lost the reflections in the glasses but gained the bigger better one.


    Olympus EM10 – LUMIX G 20/f1.7 – f/9 – 20mm – 1/500 sec – ISO 200. summertime – dizbin – Southsea, England.

    This is my favorite shot, because I learnt a lot about dof whilst taking it: there is only one position that the camera can be in to get everything lined up, whilst being far enough back from the bin to get everything in focus. On top of this you have to be lucky enough for the couple to be sitting perpendicular to the middle of the bin, and also wait for them to stop moving. This took a fair bit of time and patience, something that I’m often in short supply of.


    In my day…… –Phil Anker – Salisbury, England.Pentax K-S2 – Pentax 50-135mm f/2.8 – f/5.6 – 85mm – 1/1000 sec, ISO 400

    This was taken at the Armed Forces Day event in Salisbury.

    I saw these two having a good discussion from some distance away and they stood out straight away. It took several attempts to get a clear shot as there were lots of heads bobbing about between lens and subject.

    There is an obvious age gap between the two but they share a common interest and who knows what they have been through for that cause. I also like the way they have the same look of concentration and are both looking in the same direction. I think the older gentleman had a few war stories to tell and the young soldier was a keen listener.


    How Do You Like This? – Tina Leggio – NYC, USA.

    How Do You Like This? – Tina Leggio – NYC, USA.Sony ILCE-7RM2 – Sony FE 35mm f/2.8 – f/2.8 – 35mm – 1/800 sec – ISO 100

    This picture is my favorite because of the sheer charisma of the two people.I was wandering around Washington Square Park and while waiting for another performance to start, I heard music in a different corner of the park and when I looked over I saw two people dancing. I figured I’d be able to get interesting shots of the dancers and the crowd so I headed in that direction. I’m not even sure if these two were actual dancers or if they were just dancing, but whatever they were, they were amazing. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them. When they noticed me taking their picture (well, many pictures) they didn’t get angry or freaked out. They started getting fancy and then they did this move and posed for me until I took the picture. All street photography should be this enjoyable.


    The Bass Man –4d Photo Images – Cardiff, Wales.Nikon D750 – Nikon 85mm f/1.8G – f/2.2 – 85mm – 1/3200 sec – ISO 200

    I really like this picture for a number of reasons. This was a reaction shot. I only had a few moments to frame and compose the shot, before he disappeared up the ramp and through the door; seconds and he was gone. I also like his expression, what a great reaction and look, full of life and joy, and he knew I was taking his photograph. I also like the colours, and the movement in green and gold ribbons; definitely did not work in B&W.


    M. Hulot est de retour –Esther FR – Royan, France. Olympus E-M5 – Olympus 40-150mm f/4-5.6 – f8 – 58mm – 1/500 sec – ISO 200.

    “Sometimes I like a bit of humor in my pictures, here is one! Summer is back and and a lot of tourists are strolling near the beach. Some are more quaint than others. This one was certainly waiting for his wife, carrying her bag. I like his outfit and his hat. It goes well with the background. He was standing patiently in front of the public toilets, situated in front of a 50’s building.

    It makes me think of Jacques Tati’s movies, with his favorite character, M. Hulot. A funny but endearing character.

    I just had a few seconds to come nearer and compose the picture. I tried it in black and white, but the blue color of the public toilet matches well, so I left it in color. “


    mirrored world – Dragan – Vienna, Austria.Fujifilm X-Pro2 – XF10-24mmF2 R – f/4 – 12mm – 1/1500 sec – ISO 400

    For me its the best photograph i made till now, simply my favorite till now.


    I want to break free. –Baz 120 – Rome, Italy. Olympus EM5 – Olympus 17mm f/1.8 – f11 – 17mm – 1/60 sec – ISO 200

    Above is the shot I like from June, it was taken a short distance from the Trevi fountain, It’s hard to say why it’s my favorite, I think I like the simplicity of her expression, and becuase I was very close when I shot this. It is of course taken with manual flash, and I love the vibrancy which flash seems to give to an image.


    Coffee break –Nikonsnapper – Cardiff, Wales. Olympus EM1 – Olympus 45mm f/1.8 – f2.8 – 1/400s – ISO 100

    It was taken in the Morgan Arcade in Cardiff. I like the light in there on a bright day. The two ladies having a break in the cafe look so relaxed while they read, one on the phone and the other from a magazine.Just a pleasant candid shot.


    Number 3 –Steve Snapshot – Macclesfield, England. Canon 70D – Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 – f9 – 27mm – 1/319 sec – ISO 400

    My fav shot for June has to be my Photingo No.3. First of, I live in the countryside so taking street photography involves a planned trip. I knew the location of the 3 mobile phone shop so took a drive to the nearby town. I had in my mind playing with the number three and was pleasantly surprised when the shop had the number 3 and the word three, a good start. I viewed the scene and composed the shot, then it was time to see who or what arrived.

    I remember seeing the three ladies approaching from the left. Two were together , the third slightly behind and moving a lot quicker. With a little luck I thought they would all walk across the front of the shop at about the same time. The guy in the shot I noticed coming from the right was walking at a fast pace and I was hoping he would not block my view of the three ladies. Then he tripped, staggered to regain his balance and slowed his pace. My first instinct was to capture him tripping. The lady on her own at this point veered off to her right walking towards me. She had just noticed the guy tripping, hence the dry smile on her face. This is the point I clicked, job done.

    Pretty & Pink - Just Ard

    Pretty & Pink –Just Ard – Cardiff, Wales. Nikon D750 – Nikon 85mm f/1.8G – f/2.8 – 85mm – 1/3200 sec – ISO 100

    With not out shooting for the month it was nice to get out on the last Saturday of the month. In the back of my mind was subjects I needed for Photingo.

    I saw this girl, and she stood out for the subject I wanted which was “Pink”. I got a few shots of her talking with a couple of guys in the distance, but then she walked my way. I was standing under a tree in the shade, and got this shot just as she was entering the shade. I really like it as it is such a bright clean shot with beautiful colour.



    1. Just Ard | | Reply

      Thanks everyone for your submissions. Sadly Benn was away so unable to post.

      There is a great variety of styles, and the cameras being used. Here’s to a good July of shooting.

    2. Mister G.C. | | Reply

      Lots of great shots from June.

      It’s always good to read about the background of an image and what was involved in the taking of the shot. I especially liked Mark’s story about the bin shot and Steve’s shot with the guy tripping and the woman smiling. It’s little things like this that we don’t see in an image. That’s why this is a good place to let everyone know a little bit more and maybe pick up a few tips on the way.

      Thanks from me too for the big turnout this month.

    3. Esther | | Reply

      You know what ? I’m just very proud of our group !

    4. Ian Clark (Nikonsnapper) | | Reply

      All great shots here. Some really talented photographers in the group.

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