My Favourite Shot in March 2016

    This is where members showcase the shot they feel is their favourite of their previous months shooting.

    There are many reasons why a shot might be a personal favourite, and quite often is not known to the viewer as it may be for personal reasons. You will see the different reasons why the images are each photographers favourite.

    This month we have almost the whole of the group putting forward their favourite shots for March. So look, read and enjoy.

    Choose your friends carefully - Mister G.C.

    Choose your friends carefully – Mister G.C. – Glasgow, Scotland.

    Sony A6000, Sony 20mm f2.8, f8, 1/60 sec, ISO 200

    A couple of years ago when I last visited Glasgow my family and I had to take shelter in some doorways in this street during a downpour. Back then the wall was just bare brickwork so you can imagine my surprise and delight when I looked up the small side street (Mitchell Street) remembering the time we stood there waiting for the rain to ease off and was presented with this huge artistic mural. A street photographers dream….for me anyway. I’m starting to look more and more for signs, colours, objects…etc to include in my street shots to help either tell a story or just simply to catch the eye and imagination of anyone viewing my images.

    On seeing this massive painting I immediately thought of capturing the girl picking up a person walking along the street. Well with this being Glasgow I didn’t have to wait too long before getting an unsuspecting candidate to help me create the image I had, only a few moments before, imagined in my minds eye. I originally only wanted a single person in the shot but the fact that I captured two people walking along helped emphasis the fact that the girl is making a choice and not just picking out the only person in the image.

    When I got home to Germany I Google’d the street name and came across a website with an information video on all the huge murals around Glasgow, showing how they are created and also interviews with the artists themselves. There is actually a printed guide to take you around Glasgow to visit all the great works of art. I will definitely be getting one of those the next time I’m in Glasgow.

    Here is a link to the 9 minute long video. Please take a look it’s amazing.

    Full-on support - Nikonsnapper

    Full-on support – Nikonsnapper – Cardiff, Wales.

    Olympus OMD EM1, M.Zuiko 75mm, f2.8, 1/1250 sec, ISO 1600

    I spotted this couple coming down Queen street before the Wales v Italy match on 19th March. The man looked distinctive in his Italy shirt, but his headgear even more so. It looked like a graduation mortar board.

    This is a cropped shot showing a miniature rugby pitch on his head, complete with rugby posts with Wales and Italy flags on the top. Very creative I thought.

    It also shows the incredible resolution of the Zuiko 75mm lens as the couple were quite a distance away and you could distinguish the Wales and Italy flags.

    Coffee Break - Esther FR

    Coffee Break – Esther FR – Foix, France.

    Olympus OMD EM5, Olympus 12-50mm, 50mm, f6.3, 1/100 sec, ISO 1600

    I like this shot because it is exactly how I wanted to show the atmosphere on this Sunday morning. We were in a little town (Foix), in the south of France, and at every terrace there were men, only men, speaking together like old friends, or reading the newspapers.

    I’m happy with the result. I took the shot very quickly but the picture came out clearly, I didn’t even have to crop it, and we can see his interesting face above the newspaper. I also like the contrast between the peacefulness of the coffee shop and the newspaper’s title, “he wanted to detonate”.

    I tried to leave it in color, but, as often, it’s much better in black and white.

    Ugh! Big Brothers! - Tina Leggio

    Ugh! Big Brothers! – Tina Leggio – NYC, USA.

    Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 85mm, f1.8, 1/4000 sec, ISO 100

    I chose this shot as my favorite picture for the month of March because it always makes me laugh when I see it. I rarely catch the funny or happy moments. This moment was so unexpected and it reminded me of when I was a little girl and my brothers would do the exact same thing to me. People are so serious these days that it’s nice to see people actually joking around and being silly (in a good way) in public.

    Oooh smelly! - Phil Anker

     Oooh smelly! – Phil Anker – Salisbury, England.

    Pentax K-5 II s, Pentax-DA 50-135 f2.8, 50mm, f6.7, 1/125 sec, ISO 100

    With this in mind I saw this shot as soon as I turned the corner. The background is an advertising poster from a jewellers shop, the foreground is a pile of rubbish awaiting collection by the street cleaners. In my eyes perfect juxtaposition.

    To top it off is the the cheeky smile of the poster girl as she covers her nose. Perfect eye contact as she smiles at me as if she knows why I am taking this shot.

    no handed (panning) - Dragan

    no handed (panning) – Dragan – Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Fujifilm X-E2, XF18mmF2 R, f8, 1/30 sec, ISO 250

    Copenhagen is a cycling city. I really was impressed how many people are using their bike instead of a car. This and some other photographs should always remind me !

    Nice pussycat.... - Benn Riis

    Nice pussycat…. – Benn Riis – Roskilde, Denmark.

    Fujifilm X70, 18.5mm, f5.6, 1/250 sec, ISO 200

    What really surprises me, is that only Grant noticed and mentioned her shoulder bag. The title both referred to her and the pussycat on her bag.

    I thought is was a great connection.

    Pointing - 4d Photo Images

    Pointing – 4d Photo Images – Cardiff, Wales.Nikon D7100, Nikon 50mm f1.4, f2, 1/5000 sec, ISO 280

    This month’s favourite shot was a difficult one (I liked them all ☺). I got it down to three shots, but couldn’t make my mind up. Therefore I decided to choose it on the basis that it could be seen as controversial or not “PC”. Also to share some of the thought and decision making processes I go through, before I press the shutter button – On this occasion:

    “Should I take photos of children in the street”?

    How do I react when I see something of interest, as in this shot. One of things I have learnt, if I think about it too long, “should I or shouldn’t I”, you will miss the moment and the shot. So in this case I took the shot.

    My next big decision comes later when I get home and look through my photos. Do I publish to flickr or not. On this occasion yes. Why? Three reasons, first, it shows the child in a positive light, second, it’s a good photo that tells a story, and thirdly, you cannot see their faces full on.

    What do you think? Are these good enough reasons for me not to be “PC” and take photos of children in the street?


    Lost in Stripes - Tomavin

    Lost in Stripes – Tomavin – Alicante, Spain.Canon PowerShot G7 X, 8.8-36.8mm, f5, 1/800 sec, ISO 320

    As I walked through the narrow streets of Alicante a colourful staircase caught my eye. I really liked those vertical stripes in different colours but that was not enough for me. I wanted to shoot this place with someone bringing a little bit of life and a human scale so I decided to wait for someone climbing the stairs or going down the stairs.

    A lot of time has passed but nobody was coming, probably the most abandoned area in the whole city! I gave up and went to the hotel. Two days later I tried again. I was lucky that time – a young man with red stripes on his sweatshirt going down the stairs. He was so fast and silent that I nearly missed him. I like this picture, I feel that it has some value for me.

    All dolled up. - Draopsnai

    All dolled up. – Draopsnai – London, England.

    Panasonic DMC-TZ60, 4.3-129mm f/3.3-6.4, 1/250 sec, ISO 800

    I picked this shot because the ladies look like good fun.

    It was my last shot of the day. I had been out for a mediocre session with my camera and was very nearly home. I live about 30 seconds walk from this pic so wasn’t looking for, or expecting another opportunity, when suddenly these 3 charming ladies just appeared.

    Synchronised Smoking - Just Ard

    Synchronised Smoking – Just Ard – Bath, England.Nikon D750, Nikon 85mm f1.8, f2.5, 1/500, ISO 100

    Whilst on a trip to Bath with Martin, it was a beautiful sunny day and we spent most of the time in front and to the side of Bath Abbey. We decided to go to the sheltered side of the Abbey. It was windy and cold in the shade, with not many people around. I really like Bench shots, you see social interaction or solitude. When I saw these two women, who look like Mother & Daughter I got a couple of shots, but they were looking away, so I did the same.

    I waited until they looked towards me then got on one knee and got this shot.

    The reason it is my favourite is because the women are so symmetrical. The only difference is the girl has her bag on the bench. They both have their shades on, both looking at me, both inhaling their cigarettes, and even have their feet crossed in the same way. It feels as though when they have finished inhaling, they will both swing their arms to the right and blow out the smoke in synchronisation.

    One of my favourite Bench shots that I have ever taken.




    1. Mister G.C. | | Reply

      What an excellent turnout this month. There are so many great shots here, I wouldn’t even try to pick out a favourite.
      Some of the stories reminded me of some of my own experiences while out shooting.
      Tomavin returning to the location to get the shot he was after reminded me of the day I took my first stranger shot. The determination to get a certain image paid off on both occasions.

      Draopsnai’s (Ian’s) shot reminded me of the day I packed my camera away while heading to the car park which was just around the corner, and then seeing an old guy with his cigarette heading towards me. I did manage to get my camera out in time but it taught me a lesson never to pack away your equipment until the shoot is really over.

      Like Phil, I myself am starting to get used to using the two most important pieces of non-photographic equipment while out shooting……my eyes and brain. Taking the shot is just the end result of observing, thinking, creating & waiting for the right moment. I’ve noticed lately that I actually come home with less shots, but more keepers since I started looking instead of shooting everything that moves.

      Many thanks & congratulations to all who those who took the time to submit their images and help make this a very enjoyable read with great shots to view too.

    2. Esther | | Reply

      Great choices this month (maybe I will say that every month !) . I love the different styles and stories behind the shots. Thanks and congratulations to all of you.

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