My Favourite Shot in October 2016

    This is where members showcase the shot they feel is their favourite of their previous months shooting.

    There are many reasons why a shot might be a personal favourite, and quite often is not known to the viewer as it may be for personal reasons. Each Photographer has given their own reasons why their shot is their favourite.


    Night Walkers – Phil Anker – Salisbury, UK

    Pentax K5 IIs f/1.4 – 85mm – 1/125th sec – ISO 6400.

    I had recently got a new lens (Sigma 85mm f1.4) and had decided to visit the local fair in the evening to try it out.
    I stepped into one of the side streets and saw a couple walking towards to me and thought it a good chance to try the lens. I was using center point focus so had to hope I could nail the focus with the couple center of frame.
    It was only when I got home and reviewed it on a computer could I see what I had captured.
    My favourite shot of the month as I really like the colours, background and DoF. Not bad for a grab shot that I was not sure would work.


    Scène de gare – Esther FR – Berlin, Germany.

    Olympus E-M5 – f/5.6 – 29mm – 1/160th sec – ISO 200

    This photo was taken in Berlin, where we stayed for a few days. We were at the Alexanderplatz station, between two locations, and we were a little lost. 
    I saw the light through the glass wall and the adorable relationship between this father and his little daughter. I was a bit far, I hurried to get closer in order to be right in front of this scene, avoiding people who were running to catch their train. 
    I took several pictures, this one was the most successful for the composition: the three “groups” of people stand out well, shadows and light are good. 
    I hesitated between color and black and white. The monochrome makes this scene timeless and it could have happened anywhere. This is also an unexpected shot. For all these reasons, this is my favorite picture of the month.


    Four – Tina Leggio– New York, USA.

    Sony ILCE-7RM2 – f/2.8 – 35mm – 1/500th sec – ISO 100

    This particular photo might surprise some people as being my favorite of the month.  I like it because there are four people in the shot but they are each in their own space and their own world’s.  I also like how the two people in the middle have one leg crossed over the other leg but in different directions, and the two people on the ends each have the same foot crossed over the other foot.  The picture is also taken at an angle, which is not something I normally do, so that also is why I am drawn to this particular picture.


    “Eurgh you really ate it…” – Draopsnai – London, UK

    Panasonic DMC-TZ60 – f/6 – 77.3mm – 1/100th sec – ISO 800

    This is my favourite purely for the woman’s look of horror, surprise and shock. I was watching this couple and she was eating daintily and then he allowed his man side to shine through. They remained friends after.  


    A view through velocity – Mister G.C. – Hannover, Germany.

    Ricoh GR – f/7.1 – 18.3mm – 1/6th Sec – ISO 800

    This was my fave of the month because I’ve seen so many motion blurred images on Flickr and I always wanted to give it a go. I was very surprised at the outcome because the train in the picture was moving so slowly. I can’t remember if it was pulling in or out of the station because I don’t often visit the underground in Hannover so I couldn’t tell you which side of the line goes in which direction. However after this successful and satisfying shot I will be paying a visit to the underground each time I visit the city.

    A little tip: I was using a neck strap with my camera so I pulled down tight on it to help keep the camera steady and I stood perfectly still as I knew it would be a bit of a long exposure for a hand held shot in low light, which managed to keep the camera shake to a minimum.



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