My Favourite Shot in September 2016

    This is where members showcase the shot they feel is their favourite of their previous months shooting.

    There are many reasons why a shot might be a personal favourite, and quite often is not known to the viewer as it may be for personal reasons. Each Photographer has given their own reasons why their shot is their favourite.


    Lonely in London – Phil Anker – London, UK.
    Pentax K-S2smc PENTAX-DA* 50-135mm F2.8 ED [IF] SDM – f/6.3 – 85mm – 1/160th sec – ISO 200.

    I was in London for a meet up with one of my Flickr contacts and towards the end of the day we had sat down to do a bit of people watching.
    I saw the lady sat on the end of the bench with her sad face and then the second person on the bench. I was about to take a shot when the third person walked into the frame and stood at the fence.
    I like the emotions portrayed in this with these three all maintaining their own private and personal space, plus three always seems to work well in a shot.


    Tunnel – Draopsnai – London, UK..

    Panasonic DMC-TZ60 – f/4.2 – 10.3mm – 1/400th sec – ISO 160

    This is my fave simply because I like it. I like the simplicity of it, also it was unexpected and not planned, which I find often my favourites are.


    Old Meets New – Tina Leggio – Michigan, USA.
    Sony DSC RX100II – f/4.0 – 14.7mm – 1/80th sec – ISO 125

    This shot is a favorite of mine for a few reasons.  One is that it was taken in Michigan, which is a place that I love.  I was in Michigan visiting family for much of the summer.  I had taken a walk into downtown Holland, which is beautiful and charming.  I was walking around, trying to find a specific restaurant when I spotted this man playing his guitar.  I liked how you had the statue musicians playing classical music in the background and the live person playing a more modern instrument.  I liked the juxtaposition so I snapped a quick picture.

    Another reason that it’s a favorite of mine is that I had been losing my passion for street photography for a while.  I just didn’t have any desire to get my camera and walk around trying to find the “perfect” shot.  When I spotted this scene I wasn’t even trying.  I had my point and shoot camera with me and only to take pictures of the area.  I was more interested in taking pictures of the statues, which I had seen the day before but had run out of battery life, but when I saw this man sitting there I just had to capture this moment.


    One Man & His Tow dogs – 4d Photo Images – Cardiff, UK.

    Nikon D750 – f/2.8 – 85mm – 1/3200the sec – ISO 200

    Why is this my favourite shot of the month because it is so different from the usual.  Cardiff is a great city full of different characters you just have keep your eyes open and your finger on the shutter button. This was taken on a Saturday in the city centre full of shoppers. I missed him the first time, just saw him at the last moment and about 10 minutes later he came around again. I love the total look, the sunglasses, the way he’s holding the dog, the fact that he’s on a bike, the tow dog ……….  



    Show me what is in your handbag … – Tomavim – Toulouse, France.

    Canon Power Shot G7 X – f/2.8 – 10.7mm – 1/640th Sec – ISO 125

    I took this picture in Toulouse, France on the first day in September. I was prepared for shooting but the rest was just a bit of luck. Nothing more nothing less. I like this picture because it shows quite a funny coincidence.








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