November Monthly Challenge 2015


    The 5FIA Monthly Challenge is a set of 5 categories which is run and administered through our 5 Fall Into Adventure group over on Flickr.
    It is designed to get encourage and inspire our members to get out, capture and post an image in each of the categories.
    At the end of each monthly challenge, the group members give a ‘5FIA Monthly Challenge Award’ to their favorite image in each of the 5 categories. Any member who’s image(s) receives an award earns the right to submit their image(s) to the 5FIA Monthly Challenge gallery.

    In this post you will see the top placed image/s which received the most awards in their respective category. You can view these and all the other images that received an award during all of our monthly challenges in our online gallery

    The Challenges for November were

    • Cafè
    • Shopping
    • Smoking
    • Fedora
    • Shelter
    • Super Combo Category (any image that contains 3 or more of the above 5 subjects / themes can be posted directly to the monthly challenge gallery).



    Top placed image – Far away coffee by Esther FR





    Top placed image – Unboxing by Tina Leggio





    Top placed image – Eye contact at the wall by Benn Riis Ebbesen




    Joint top placed image -Bien portè, ce chapeau by Esther FR


    Joint top placed image – Who blinks first… Benn Riis Ebbesen

    Is that a Fedora you're wearing?

    Joint top placed image – “Is that a fedora you’re wearing?” by Just Ard


    Joint top placed image – If you want to get ahead get a hat by Baz 120




    Top placed image – Walk The Line by Mister G.C.

    Super Combo


    Super Combo #1 – Way of life, always by Esther FR

    The above image contained – Fedora, Café & Shelter.


    Well guess which member earned the right to post the most amount of images to the monthly challenge gallery this month……yip, Esther. She will be posting a total of 5 images out of the 6 available categories. Top shot for Cafè, joint top shot for Fedora and also awards in the categories Shopping & Shelter. The fifth image was the one and only ‘Super Combo’ of the month as can be seen above. “Very well done Esther!”

    With a few more members now in the group there were obviously a few more awards up for grabs. The top 3 shots with the most awards are as follows:

    1. Mister G.C with 7 awards in the Shelter category
    2. Benn Riis with 6 awards in the Smoking category
    3. Tina Leggio with 5 awards in the Shopping category

    As always, we’d like to say a big well done to the following members listed below who all received at least one award and can proudly hang their respective images in the Monthly Challenge Gallery

    • CAFÈ –          Dragan – Tina Leggio – Baz 120
    • SHOPPING –  Just Ard – Baz 120 – Esther FR
    • SMOKING –   Mister G.C.
    • FEDORA –     —- only the above image(s) received an award —-
    • SHELTER –    Just Ard – Esther FR

    Many thanks to all who took part in the monthly challenge by submitting images and also by awarding their favorite shots.




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