October Monthly Challenge 2015


    The 5FIA Monthly Challenge is a set of 5 categories which is run and administered through our 5 Fall Into Adventure group over on Flickr.
    It is designed to get encourage and inspire our members to get out, capture and post an image in each of the categories.
    At the end of each monthly challenge, the group members give a ‘5FIA Monthly Challenge Award’ to their favorite image in each of the 5 categories. Any member who’s image receives an award earns the right to submit their image to the 5FIA Monthly Challenge gallery.

    In this post you will see the top placed image/s which received the most awards in their respective category. You can view these and all the other images that received an award during all of our monthly challenges in our online gallery

    The Challenges for October were

    1. Shooting a Shooter
    2. Reading Books / Newspapers
    3. Patterns
    4. Big
    5. Box

    Shooting a Shooter


    Joint top placed image – Shooting the shooter by Esther FR


    Joint top placed image – Shooters by Dragan (d26b73)


    Reading Books / Newspapers


    Top placed image – La lectrice- The reader by Esther FR




    Top placed image – Light. Pattern (Olympus Photography Playground) by Dragan (d26b73)




    Top placed image – The 17mm was just wide enough!! by Baz 120




    Joint top placed image – Checking out the bottom boxes by Just Ard


    Joint top placed image – Market Day by Mister G.C.

    Can anyone stop her?…..three months into our monthly challenge and Esther receives the most awards for a third month in a row! She can now hang up 4 of her October images in the gallery. Joint top in the Shoot a Shooter and top place in the Books / Newspapers category. Along with awards in the categories ‘Big’ & ‘Patterns’ she was just one award short of a full house.

    Congratulations also go to Dragan who bagged two top spots this month. Joint top place with Esther in the Shoot a Shooter category and his own top place in the category Patterns.

    Baz weighed in with a massive 5 awards for his ‘big’ shot which was well deserved.

    Sharing the spoils were Wayne & Grant with 4 awards each earning them both a joint top spot in the box category

    Last but not least, well done to the following members who all received at least one award and can proudly hang their images in the Monthly Challenge Gallery

    Shooting a Shooter – Tina – Dragan

    Reading books / Newspapers – Tina – Dan – Baz – Wayne

    Patterns – Dan – Esther – Wayne

    Big – Esther – Wayne

    Box – ———————

    Many thanks to all who took part in the monthly challenge by submitting images and also by awarding their favorite shots.






    1. Just Ard | | Reply

      Esther, you’ve been eating your Weetabix again haven’t you.

      Well done my dear. You know you are now marked as the one to beat don’t you.

    2. Esther | | Reply

      Thank you everyone. That was a tough challenge, and the choice of the awarded becomes more and more difficult, as the shots are better and better… october was a good month, a lot of my pictures for the monthly challenge were taken in Lisbonne, where the is so many nice places to shoot.
      Not sure november will be so successful. The answer is coming soon 😉

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