Open Monthly Challenge – October 2017

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    The Open Monthly Challenge is a street photography based challenge open to anyone who wishes to take part. Each month we set three new subjects and all the suitable images which are submitted are then featured in a monthly post right here on our blog. If you would like to take part in this challenge then head on over to the OMC page for more details.

    The 3 subjects for the month of October 2017 were as follows:

    • 1. Cafè
    • 2. Lifting
    • 3. Stairs


    Coffee and news by John Bastoen






    The Open Monthly Challenge Round Up

    Many thanks to all who of you who took part in this month’s Open Monthly Challenge. Your time and effort are very much appreciated and we hope to see more of your work in future challenges.

    More work from the photographers, who’s images feature in this post, can be viewed by clicking on the respective links below:


    1. Mister G.C. | | Reply

      Even though this feature is still in it’s early days, I am very pleased when we get at least one entry…..and what an entry from John….superb.

      The pov combined with the extreme close up of the shot really puts the viewer right in there, as if they were having a coffee with the subject themselves.
      The composition is spot on with the newspaper being the ‘out of focus’ foreground interest, the subject and his cup are tack sharp all nicely finished off with the lovely dof background of another customer entering the cafè.

      The b&w processing is wonderful and brings out the facial details which are being lit up by the light coming in from what I assume is the cafè window.

      I have been impressed with the images that John has been getting with his Sony A6300, so much so, that I have gone and purchased a telephoto lens for my Sony A6000, which will hopefully allow me to photograph at a slightly further distance and still go somewhat unnoticed, due to the fact that the A6000 does not have a silent shutter option.

      Thanks for your contribution John…it’s a beauty.

      • John Bastoen | | Reply

        Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment Mister G.C. !!!

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