PHOTINGO Street Photography Challenge 2017 ‘Explored’.

    The PHOTINGO Challenge produces Explore Galore.

    During the PHOTINGO street photography challenge 2017, which ran from May 1st – July 31st 2017, a total of 27 photographers took part and together they uploaded a total of 413 images to their cards, of which, 282 were posted to the group photo pool on Flickr.

    Within the PHOTINGO group we decided to opened a discussion for any members to post images which they submitted for the challenge that were subsequently ‘Explored’ on Flickr.  As a result we had 14 images submitted to the discussion.  The following images are shown in order as they appeared in the discussion with the amount of views each image has received (at the time of this post being published).

    In addition to the published images, there will also be links added at the end of this post to each of the featured photographer’s photostream on Flickr, should you wish to view or follow more of their work.

    Don’t forget to check out our other post featuring the images that were chosen during each week throughout the Photingo Challenge as the Top Shot of the Week.

    Through Glass – Phil Anker – 11,821 views.

    Low POV – sasastro – 6,716 views.

    Framing – sasastro – 2,259 views.

    Juxtaposition – weerwolfje – 7,589 views.

    Negative Space – Phil Anker – 7,220 views.

    Spiral – 4d Photo Images – 2,142 views.

    Minimalist – 4d Photo Images – 7,061 views.

    Minimalist – sasastro – 5,315 views.

    Bicycle – 4d Photo Images – 7,620 views.

    Romantic – Özgür Gürgey – 10,617 views.

    Underpass/Tunnel – Phil Anker – 6,268 views.

    Postbox – Tina Leggio – 1,534 views.

    Train – Draopsnai – 26,581 views.

    Post Box – Özgür Gürgey – 5,082 views.

    Congratulations to all those members who had an explore or two during the challenge.

    Please feel free to leave a comment on any of the above images in the box below or visit the photostreams of those photographers over on Flickr, to view more of their great work.

    Links to the above featured photographer’s Flickr page:

    Phil Anker



    4d Photo Images

    Özgür Gürgey

    Tina Leggio


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