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    We here at Fall Into Street are always trying to get into different things.  We’ll always be street photographers at heart but wanting to try or learn something new is natural.  For me, I have an interest in graffiti/street art and living in Manhattan there is definitely no shortage of this. I had some free time after work one day so I grabbed my camera and headed out in search of interesting graffiti.

    © Tina Leggio, Lower East Side, NYC, October 5, 2015
    © Tina Leggio, Lower East Side, NYC, October 5, 2015

    It seems like whenever I walk around this neighborhood, I always spot something different.  I feel like I know the area pretty well but I don’t recall every seeing this gate graffiti.  It’s interesting and detailed and beautiful.  The woman sitting in the corner is a perfect example of what I meant when I said we’ll always be street photographers at heart.  True, she was sitting right in front of the gate so if I wanted to photograph the gate, I would also have to photograph her.  However, the look of suspicion that she is giving me kind of adds something to the picture than if I had just been photographing the gate by itself.  I like the setup for two reasons.  One, I could truly pretend to be focused on photographing something other than the woman and two, she couldn’t really say anything to me because she was sitting right in front of a very detailed piece of art.

    While I do enjoy a good piece of street art, it can get a bit boring if you are just showing the graffiti itself, no matter how detailed and interesting.  I think that going forward I’m going to try and incorporate my style of street photography with street art.  Esther does it all the time and I really like pictures where she gets people walking by art walls or when the patterns of something nearby present an interesting juxtaposition with the patterns of the person’s clothing.



    1. Mister G.C. | | Reply

      Really cool shot Tina. I’ve been attempting to head down that path too, taking shots of interesting backgrounds and trying to incorporate the human element into it at the same time.
      As you said, the lady couldn’t really say anything as she was sitting in front of your subject ;0)
      Great patterns in the image and the color of her trousers are a perfect match with the background. I also noticed the chain on the chair fits nicely with the elephants theme in a round-a-bout way.
      Thanks for sharing.

      • Tina | | Reply

        I didn’t even notice that the woman’s clothes matched with the background! Good catch! I often overlook the little details that add to the photo. I wonder why there is a chain on the bench as it doesn’t appear to be to keep the bench chained down, but it does seem to fit with the elephant theme, as you said.

        I’m definitely interested in seeing the shots you produce with the interesting backgrounds/people combo. I think that with street photography, at least for me, we get so focused on the people themselves (if they’re doing anything interesting) that we often don’t think that the background can be the main part of the picture with the people just being a part of it.

    2. Esther | | Reply

      I really like this shot Tina, and you know why !
      New York (Manhattan or Brooklyn) is a great place for this exercice… I came back from Lisbon and I was able to get some shots : there is a lot of street art overthere, you would love it. My pictures will come soon.

      you can also find interesting backgrounds with architecture. And if there is somebody in front of it, he will not pay attention about your shots, as you can say you only take picture of the building.

    3. Tina | | Reply

      I always love seeing what pictures you have taken on vacation. It’s like vacation reawakens our creativity. We’re someplace new so everything is exciting and interesting. It’s always interesting seeing street art in other cities or countries because even though it’s still graffiti, it’s so different depending on where you go. You can really see cultural influences, among other things, that set it apart from the street art in our own countries, cities, etc.

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