September Monthly Challenge 2015


    The 5FIA Monthly Challenge is a set of 5 categories which is run and administered through our 5 Fall Into Adventure group over on Flickr.
    It is designed to get encourage and inspire our members to get out, capture and post an image in each of the categories.
    At the end of each monthly challenge, the group members give a ‘5FIA Monthly Challenge Award’ to their favorite image in each of the 5 categories. Any member who’s image receives an award earns the right to submit their image to the 5FIA Monthly Challenge gallery.

    In this post you will see the top placed image/s which received the most awards in their respective category. You can view these and all the other images that received an award during all of our monthly challenges in our online gallery

    The Challenges for September were

    1. Red
    2. Public Transport
    3. T-Shirt Slogans
    4. Under
    5. Pillars


    something-redTop placed image – Something Red by Esther FR

    Public Transport

    6-00pm-subwayJoint top placed image – 6.00PM Subway by Baz120

    effets-speciaux-ppl-s40Joint top placed image – Effets spéciaux PPL by Esther FR

    T-Shirt Slogans

     Top placed image – No need to tell everybody by Just Ard


    untitledTop placed image – untitled by Dan Redrup



    Top placed image – Alone at The Opera House by Mister G.C.


    Well for the second month running, with her top placed image in the category ‘Red’, joint top placed image in the ‘Public Transport’ category and an award in the T-Shirt slogan category, a huge congratulations goes to Esther who earned the right to hang three of her images in the gallery this month.

    Also well done to Just Ard & Mister G.C. who both received 4 awards each for their respective top placed images in the categories, T-Shirt Slogans & Pillars.

    A big congratulations to our new group member Dan Redrup who, in his first monthly challenge, topped the category of ‘Under’ with 3 awards.

    Last but not least, well done to the following members who all received at least one award and can proudly hang their images in the Monthly Challenge Gallery

    RED – Mister G.C. – Tina Leggio

    PUBLIC TRANSPORT – Mister G.C. – Just Ard


    UNDER – Just Ard – Dragan

    PILLARS – Baz – Just Ard

    Many thanks to all who took part in the monthly challenge by submitting images and also by awarding their favorite shots.




    1. Esther | | Reply

      Congratulation to all the photographers.
      What I like in this challenge is how it increases inspiration, and also the fact that some friends around the world are looking at the same themes at the same time. I really enjoy the idea !

    2. Just Ard | | Reply

      What is nice to see is different styles.

      The challenge is making all of us look at subjects we may not have considered before, or to shoot in a different way.

      Keep it up guys.

    3. Mister G.C. | | Reply

      It certainly does keep me thinking on my feet when eventually getting to a town or city for a shoot.

      I managed to get 4.5 shots for the October in one day so I was pleased about that….I’m sure you’ll notice the ‘half shot’ when I submit it :0)

      The downside at the moment is the legality of street photography over here in Germany. It’s starting to affect me when I’m out on the streets. I now find that I am missing out on shots because I’m worried about confrontations instead of enjoying myself. I’ve had 3 confrontations in the past 2 months about taking shots of people in public….it’s starting to really p*** me off.

      Looking forward to next months challenges and woe betide anybody who says one word to me about not being allowed to shoot in public :0)

      • Tina | | Reply

        I think you need to have the personality to deal with that. You seem like a really nice guy. I can see why it would start to affect you and your shooting style. It pisses me off too but I have more of a confrontational personality. I don’t like to start them but if someone tries to give me attitude or say I need their permission (which I don’t over here in the States. I can even publish or sell their images without permission. I just can’t use their image to endorse a product or viewpoint, etc.) then I can get even more nasty than them. It comes down to matching their temper and taking it up a notch. One woman tried to tell me that I needed her permission so I looked her right in her eyes, raised my voice and said that if she wanted we could get a police officer. There was a cop car across the street so I told her that we could bring them over and ask them. She shut her pie hole and walked away.

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