Monthly Challenge September 2017



    The 5FIA Street Photography Monthly Challenge is a set of 5 categories which is run and administered through our 5 Fall Into Adventure group over on Flickr. It is designed to encourage and inspire our members to get out, capture and post an image in each of the categories. At the end of each monthly challenge, the group members give a ‘5FIA Monthly Challenge Award’ to their favourite image in each of the 5 categories. Any member who’s image receives an award earns the right to submit their image to the 5FIA Monthly Challenge gallery. In this post you will see the top placed image/s which received the most awards in their respective category. You can view these and all the other images that received an award during all of our monthly challenges in our online gallery.

    The 5 subjects for the month of September 2017 were as follows:

    • 1. Full Stride
    • 2. Picking
    • 3. Basket
    • 4. Directions
    • 5. Delivery
    • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • There is also the Super Combo. This is a category for any member who manages to include at least 3 of the above subjects in 1 shot.


    ↑ Top Placed Image by Weerwolfje ↑


    ↑ Top Placed Image by Phil Anker ↑


    ↑ Joint Top Placed Image by Mister G.C. ↑

    ↑ Joint Top Placed Image by 4d Photo Images ↑

    ↑ Joint Top Placed Image by Phil Anker ↑


    ↑ Top Placed Image by 4d Photo Images ↑


    ↑ Top Placed Image by Tomavim ↑


    No Super Combo this month.

    The Monthly Challenge Round Up

    The overall top 3 photographers for the monthly challenge in September are as follows:

    • Mister G.C. (8 awards in 4 Subjects)
    • 4d Photo Images  (8 awards in 3 subjects)
    • Phil Anker (7 awards in 3 subjects)

    Again, it was the same 3 photographers as last month who occupy this month’s top 3 slots. There was also another tie this month between the 1st and 2nd spot, but due to the fact that Mister G.C. had an image awarded in one more subject than 4d Photo Images, he gets to select the 5 subjects/themes for the November MC and also has one of his images featured on the home page linking to this post.

    Congratulations, as always, to all of those who’s top images appeared above and also well done to the following members who all received at least one award and can proudly hang their respective images in the Monthly Challenge Gallery 

    • 1. Full Stride - 4d Photo Images - Mister G.C
    • 2. Picking - Mister G.C.
    • 3. Basket - Weerwolfje
    • 4. Directions - Weerwolfje
    • 5. Delivery - Phil Anker - sasastro - Miseter G.C.
    • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Many thanks to all who took part in the monthly challenge by submitting images and also by awarding their favorite shots.

    If you received an award for any of your work that you submitted for this Monthly Challenge and it has not been mentioned above, please bring it to the attention of an admin and any mistake(s) will be rectified.

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