Street Shot Bonus – No.2


    The bird man of Sudbury by sasastro.

    I stood for a while watching this old man taking such enjoyment in feeding various ducks, pigeons and gulls, I took one wide angle and then zoomed in to try and get a shot of him hand feeding the pigeon. Not only did I catch that smile on his face but I caught another pigeon coming in to land to get his share of the food. I think that pigeon definitely makes this a Street Shot Bonus.

    You can view more of sasastro’s work here.

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    1. Mister G.C. | | Reply

      As I mentioned on Flickr, I think this is an excellent candid and the enjoyment of the elderly man is very clear to see. The pigeon coming into land is definitely a Street Shot Bonus. Funny that the first two images in this feature are of ‘pigeon bombings’ and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of them either.
      Nice work sas. Thanks for contributing your work.

    2. Esther | | Reply

      The challenge now is to take a street shot bonus without a pigeon 😉 your both pictures are very nice Sasastro and Grant, well done, guys !

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